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Aug 22, 2022    @sirpenski
This example creates an Excel file in a memory stream, dynamically, using OpenXML and AspNetCore. Then, it returns it to the user in the form of an Excel file with the proper mime type such that the user will be prompted to open the file with Excel. The Excel file sample shows how to create text cells, date ells, number cells, boolean cells, and cells with formulas. This example also demonstrates how to construct a stylesheet as well as formatting columns.
Aug 20, 2022    sirpenski
This example shows how to make a very basic web request (Get) using plain javascript. It does not require any external javascript frameworks like jquery, etc. The solution will develop a simple object that when expanded upon and completed, can be used over and over again.
Aug 10, 2022    @sirpenski
How to open and read a file in c#. Opening and existing file in read only mode and then loading the contents into memory is supposed to be one of the easiest things to do using C#. It turns out that is not; especially in high capacity situations ( core webserver) or for cases when reading large files is necessary.
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