Chaos At The Useless Farm!

2022-09-07 03:34 PM sirpenski
2022-09-07 03:34 PM
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What is going on up there in Ontario at the Useless Farm?. It was once a thriving business but lately, its descended into utter chaos! Karen has gone insane. She literally has stolen the pop culture definition of "Karen". Stanley, Karen's husband, well, let's just say he's been getting his freak on. Just look at the picture. Then there's Michael. He was once a brilliant strategist but after his mental meltdown, doctors have determined he literally has only one brain cell left. Yikes!.


I have one note for karen. 🎶 F# 🎶

♬ original sound - Useless Farm
Things are so out of control, Paul, the mild mannered head of HR, is considering suspending both Karen and Brad. But honestly, he's just too afraid. Its a real mess up there. No one is working. You can meet the underperforming crew below.

Stanley says its nice to meet you and i cant tell you what karen said.

♬ Full House - The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra
You can keep up with the crew of the useless farm on their Tiktok Channel or on their Youtube Channel. I'm going to be picking up a couple of shirts for christmas at their website Goodness knows they ain't making any money farming so they could probably use the extra cash.
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