Artemis Mission Overview

2022-08-31 01:00 PM sirpenski
2022-08-31 01:00 PM
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The National Aeronautical Space Administration's (NASA) Artemis Project is the most important undertaking in the history of mankind. Quite simply, it marks the beginning of mankind's expansion to the stars. Except for food and planet health, all the politics, wars, economic woes, democrat, republican, elections, social issues, laws, energy, etc. capitalism, socialism, communism, and almost anything else you can think are all man made problems and can stop on a dime if man so desires.

Artemis marks for the first time, in the history of mankind, that we are defining a sustainable capability of space travel. In the year 3000, historical records will document the Artemis project in full. The rest of the stuff we experience day to day, maybe only a paragraph.

Artemis initiates a new space economy. Yes, space is an economic entity already. But now, it kicks into high gear. The technical capability required to work in the space economy is high. We will all be forced to elevate to meet expected demand.

The following video is about why we are going to the moon. Philosophy is important so give it a view.

The NASA TV Channel is the official media channel for NASA. NASA TV airs a variety of regularly scheduled, pre-recorded educational and public relations programming 24 hours a day on its various channels. The network also provides an array of live programming, such as coverage of missions, events (spacewalks, media interviews, educational broadcasts), press conferences and rocket launches.

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV's Media Channel This channel offers live programming. Interviews with astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), Satellite views, Hardware Testing, etc. are the norm. This channel is raw and is really great.

And of course there is the NASA Website at and the NASA Youtube Channel at And lastly, there is the Artemis Specific Section of which can be found at These resources combine to include everything from which all space commentary about U.S. Space derives. They are incredible.

Have fun.

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